If you’re considering a business degree, you are positioned to be among the most sought-after college graduates—nearly 69% of employers say they want to hire students with a business degree background.

So how do you stand out above the rest to land a great job? Here are the five most sought-after skills employers are looking for in business graduates.


1. Teamwork

Teamwork is currently the top trait employers are looking for in new graduates. Seek out opportunities to demonstrate effective teamwork and collaboration in your business degree program. Listen well to team members, lead when appropriate, and practice good communication skills within your team and when presenting to groups.


2. Communication

Oral communication skills are near the top of the list of in-demand competencies for business graduates. In fact, recruiters value exceptional communication skills twice as much as they do managerial skills. Brush up on your written communication, phone, and in-person conversation skills. In school, practice effective communication with your classmates and professors and apply your experience in the workplace. Communication is a skill that you can demonstrate—and employers take note of—from the very first interview.


3. Strategic Thought and Analysis

Future employers expect you to be ready to take on real-world challenges and business scenarios. Throughout your degree program, you’ll be exposed to scenarios that demand strategic thinking and analysis. These are skills that employers will seek out. In fact, on a 5-point scale, employers rank “analyze quantitative data” as a 4.4. As you move through your program, think about how you can demonstrate your strategic acumen to potential employers by giving solid examples of situation analysis.


4. Technology

It’s no secret that technology is rapidly changing the workplace. From telecommuting to cloud-based applications, it’s a powerful force that impacts business practices. Employers are not only looking for workers who can learn applications quickly, but who can also strategize about how to effectively use them to the company’s benefit. If you can analyze a company’s use of software or recommend a new program, you will be proving your value and demonstrating a passion for driving business forward.


5. Self-Direction

In 2015, the “doing more with less” trend in business will persist. Hiring managers are looking for employees who can effectively manage their own time and multitask. Show your employers you’re committed to their goal of optimizing resources by being a self-directed employee who knows how to ask the right questions and needs minimal training.


Demonstrating your skills on your resume, cover letter, and during in-person interviews will be key in landing a second interview or the job offer. An online business degree can help you develop the skills needed for success on the job market.


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