Health care information technology (health IT) can play a significant role in improving quality of care, reducing costs, and enhancing the patient care experience.

The growth of large health systems, technological advances, and an increased focus on quality care will continue to spark change and innovation in the field. And these changes are coming fast and furious.

If you’re a health IT professional, consider adding these five blogs to your must-read list to stay on top of new developments.


AmericanEHR is the official blog of AmericanEHR Partners, a partnership of Cientis Technologies and the American College of Physicians, which has created an online community of clinicians who use IT to deliver care to Americans. This blog has everything you need to know about electronic health records (EHRs) and health tech from nationally-recognized contributors.

Featured post: How the Internet is Changing Responses to Illnesses discusses the continuing trend of people turning to the Internet for medical self-diagnosis, and what it means for the future of health care delivery.

2. Chilmark Research

The blogs published by Chilmark Research cover a wide range of important health care topics from various IT experts. Chilmark Research, a global research and advisory firm that focuses solely on the health IT market, includes blog topics such as analytics, care coordination, clinician network management, and patient engagement.

Featured post: Finally, Some Concrete Use Cases for Telehealth summarizes a recent study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) about the effectiveness of telehealth in both the technical and clinical settings.

3. HIStalk

HIStalk is a site for health care IT news and opinions penned by an anonymous nonprofit hospital IT professional. The blogger started HIStalk in 2003 simply to collect thoughts about what was going on in the industry and why it was important, but the blog’s readership quickly grew. HIStalk readers also provide content and topics in the form of guest posts.

Featured post: Readers Write: Why EHRs Will Have Different Documentation Requirements for Biosimilar Dispensing, Administration, and Outcomes discusses the four drivers that make the unique documentation requirements of biosimilar drugs (those which have active properties that are similar to a drug that was previously licensed) in EHRs a priority.

4. Health Affairs

This blog compiles commentary and analysis on health policy and issues affecting health and health care. The blog features posts from noted health policy experts and commentators offering a wide variety of perspectives, as well as regular Health Affairs contributors and staff. Health Affairs has been cited in congressional testimony and notable media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington PostForbesNational JournalReuters, and many others. Health IT is one of the topics included on the blog.

Featured post: Time To Fix the Black Hole in Medicare Data illuminates problems with Medicare’s collection and sharing of information on medical device performance, and offers data-collection solutions which could improve patient outcomes.

5. The Health Care Blog

The Health Care Blog is a leading online forum covering the business of health care and new ideas that are changing the health care industry. The New York Timescalls them “the authority” on the topics of the business of health care, national health care policy, technology, and day-to-day health care news. This blog features numerous posts about health care technology.

Featured post: The Black List: Features Which Should Be in Most EMRs/EHRs (But For Some Reason Aren’t) points out some useful features that are not available on many large EMR platforms today.

Health IT professionals don’t have to look far to find knowledgeable industry resources and content. If you’re interested in exploring an education in health care IT, learn more about Capella University’s Bachelor’s in Information Technology, Health Information Management program.