Working in a growing and ever-changing field like information technology (IT), it helps for software developers to stay current on new industry advancements and trends.

However, with the wealth of information out there, it can be difficult to know what’s worth reading. Here are five blogs that can help software developers stay in-the-know.


1. A List Apart

Beginning as a mailing list in 1997 and morphing into a website by 1998, A List Apart is an industry-leading web development blog and magazine. The blog focuses on web standards and best practices while exploring topics such as design, development, and the meaning of web content.

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2. DZone

As one of the largest online communities for software developers, DZone is a great blog for IT beginners and experts alike. The blog provides tutorials, guidelines, tools, and software insights for a wide range of skill levels with over 70,000 articles detailing the latest in technology trends, best practices, and methodologies.

Topics covered include integration, Java, security, and AI, among many others.

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3. Toptal

Split into engineering, design, and finance categories, the Toptal blog appeals to readers from a variety of industries. The Toptal Engineering Blog provides developers with in-depth development tutorials, the newest technology trends, and the latest in Agile project management, data science, and front and back-end development.

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4. Apiumhub Blog

With posts such as “20 Great Resources to Help You Learn to Code” and “Code Editors for Software Developers,” the Apiumhub blog is a beginner-friendly blog for professionals interested in software development, software architecture, and Agile web and app development. The blog is run by Barcelona-based Apiumhub software development company.

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5. The Berkun Blog

Though he writes about more than just topics in the software development realm, Scott Berkun’s blog should be on the reading list of software engineers and developers. A published author and speaker on philosophy, leadership, and creativity, and guided by experience at companies such as Microsoft and WordPress, Berkun writes frequently on the crossroads of creativity and tech subjects.

These posts can be valuable resources for developers looking for new ways to approach problem-solving.

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Blogs are one great way to stay in tune with the latest software development news and information. If you’re looking to take your skills and knowledge to the next level, learn more about Capella University’s bachelor’s in information technology, software development degree program.


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