If you are considering going back to school, you might wonder how to balance work, family, hobbies, and other commitments while pursuing your degree.

Or you might be curious about the online format. Perhaps you are nervous about the financial commitment of earning a degree.

Capella University offers a unique FlexPath online learning format that can help address many barriers like these that keep busy adults like you from returning to school. Here are four things to expect when you earn your degree in this online format.


1. Access Campus at Any Time, from Anywhere.

Attending classes at a physical campus can add a variety of inconveniences, such as long commutes, parking, rigid class schedules, child care needs, and more. At Capella, education is accessible, online, and flexible. Students are able to access campus 24/7 from their Wi-Fi enabled devices making learning as convenient as possible.

“With a program like this, I don’t have to choose between an education or family, I can have both and be happy doing both.” – Nacole Riccaboni**, MBA

2. Pace Determines Price.

Let’s be honest, higher education can be an expensive investment. Capella’s FlexPath format may help ease this financial burden with flat-rate tuition. You can complete as many courses as you want, up to two simultaneously, each quarter for one flat tuition fee.** The faster your pace, the more money you may save.

**Books, supplies and other fees may apply.

  “A number of the classes I moved through quickly, so it was much cheaper to do the flat rate for those sessions.” – Heidi Wright*, BSN

3. Leverage What You Know.

Competency-based education means students are able to leverage previous professional education and training experience in their coursework. Already knowledgeable in an area? Move through that course content faster. It’s an efficient higher-education experience.

Many of the course assignments encouraged the use of our own knowledge and experience.” – Nancy Joy Barthelemy*, BS in Business

Hear from Real Students about FlexPath | A Modern Learning Format from Capella

4. Support Along the Way.

FlexPath’s unique support model includes enrollment counselors to get you started, faculty to evaluate and provide feedback on assessments, and coaches to help you stay on track.

Learn more about FlexPath.

   *Actual Capella graduate who agreed to appear in promotional materials for Capella.
**Actual Capella student who is compensated for appearing in Capella promotional materials.