A Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a versatile degree with a focus on enterprise strategy, leadership, and global business dynamics.

With multiple paths to a DBA, you can focus on the skills that will be most valuable to you now and in the future.

Interested in a PhD in Business? Explore which program might be right for you.

Review these summaries of our online DBA degree offerings to decide which one is right for you.

DBA, Accounting

Designed for professionals with a background in accounting (certified accountants or those with a master of accounting degree), this specialization will equip graduates with the skills to analyze and conduct research relevant to the accounting field as well as the standards and techniques of accounting.

DBA, Business Intelligence

Building skills in systems thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, reflective thinking, and statistical thinking is the focus of the DBA in Business Intelligence degree. This specialization prepares leaders in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, health care, government, and education.

DBA, Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

With an emphasis on global environment assessment, global supply chain management strategy, demand forecasting, and process orientation, graduates of the DBA in Global Operations degree program will have skills to evaluate research, strategize, and integrate new theories in a business. Military, transportation, retail, aerospace, and health care are a few of the industries graduates could consider.

DBA, Human Resource Management

The DBA in Human Resource Management specialization focuses on knowledge and skills needed to teach, consult, lead, practice, and conduct research in the field of human resource management. Students evaluate multidisciplinary theories and human resource management strategies and practices for creating flexible and innovative settings in the 21st century’s global workplace.

DBA, Information Technology Management

Professionals in the IT management specialization of Capella’s DBA program will study trends, technological influences, and multidisciplinary research in order to learn how to lead IT strategic planning and management. Graduates could explore various employment settings including corporations, education, government, and nonprofit organizations.

DBA, Leadership

Professionals interested in learning how to expand their critical, creative, reflective, and statistical thinking, while addressing emerging trends in leadership, may find Capella’s DBA leadership specialization a good fit.

DBA, Project Management

With a DBA in Project Management, professionals will acquire skills in communication, research, project monitoring, and management and will gain leadership qualities necessary for a management role.

DBA, Strategy and Innovation

Students who choose the strategy and innovation specialization of Capella’s DBA program will focus on trend analysis, foresight planning, processes for identifying risks, and innovation opportunities for corporations. Graduates of this program are qualified to lead, consult, or teach in the area of organizational strategy.

Capella University offers a wide variety of online DBA specializations to fit individual interests and help further your career.