An online MBA program can help you develop your business-related knowledge and skills and potentially take on more responsibilities at work.

With multiple MBA specializations available, you might wonder which one will help you best achieve your career goals. Here are 10 options to consider.


1. MBA in General Business Administration

Do you want to provide strategic insight in an organization or hold a position of leadership? An MBA with a specialization in General Business Administration provides a well-rounded foundation in traditional business skills including accounting, marketing, operations, and strategy. By selecting your specialization courses, you can tailor your degree to focus on the subjects most important to your career.


2. MBA in Accounting

Do you want to learn what balance sheets reveal about an organization’s financial performance? Are you fascinated by how organizations calculate their taxable income? An MBA with a specialization in Accounting prepares you to develop and manage budgeting processes, conduct audits, and follow legal accounting practices.

If you’re interested in sitting for the CPA exam, consider the MBA in Accounting CPA Pathway.


3. MBA in Business Intelligence

Have you ever wondered why grocery stores choose to put their milk on the back shelves? Or how businesses decide when and where they should schedule employees? An MBA with a specialization in Business Intelligence prepares you to use qualitative and quantitative data to make strategic business decisions.


4. MBA in Entrepreneurship

Do you constantly have new product or business ideas pop into your head? Do you want to turn your passion into a business? An MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship prepares you to apply business knowledge to founding and building new ventures.


5. MBA in Finance

Are you fascinated by financial markets? Does managing a financial portfolio to achieve specific goals intrigue you? Become a specialist in financial markets, risk management, and portfolio management with an MBA in Finance.


6. MBA in Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Are you interested in helping companies manage global supply chains to bring products to market? Or do you want to help organizations deliver products faster while still maintaining quality? An MBA with a Global Operations and Supply Chain Management specialization builds leadership skills in sourcing global materials and coordinating inventory across the supply chain.


7. MBA in Health Care Management

Do you find yourself thinking about how health care organizations can deliver better care? Or how health care organizations will need to evolve to meet the needs of Baby Boomers? An MBA with a specialization in Health Care Management prepares you to manage health care systems and navigate policy and legal considerations in the field of health care.


8. MBA in Human Resource Management

How do you build the right team to achieve a company’s business objectives? What does it take to motivate and engage employees? Become a specialist in developing employee capacity with an MBA in Human Resource Management.


9. MBA in Marketing

How can you make a new product stand out from its competitors? How must you change your messages to appeal to a diverse customer base? An MBA with a Marketing specialization teaches you how to develop marketing plans, manage customer relationships, and use consumer research to shape marketing strategy.


10. MBA in Project Management

Do you see ways that organizations can become more efficient? Do you enjoy identifying what factors help ensure projects succeed? An MBA with a Project Management specialization builds skills in project planning, management, and financial oversight.


Capella University offers an online MBA program with a wide variety of specializations to fit individual interests. Graduate Certificates are available in many of these specializations, and can be earned in conjunction with an MBA program.

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