Are you ready to take on more responsibilities at work and possibly move to a higher position?

An online MBA can help you develop skills in operations, leadership, marketing, data analytics, and other key business areas. With multiple paths to an MBA, you can focus on the skills that will be most valuable to you now and down the road in your career.

Here are options to consider as you decide which online MBA path is right for you:

1. MBA Self-Designed

If you are looking for a degree tailored to your individual interests and career goals, this MBA specialization could be for you. You can personalize your program with elective courses to incorporate the right mix of topics like marketing, finance, operations, and business analytics to meet your specific needs. You can also explore courses outside of business that are relevant to your interests; you can take any grad level courses offered at Capella such as Education, IT, or Psychology. Not only does Capella’s self-designed MBA give you the option to create a program just for you, it’s also available in FlexPath so you can go at your own pace.

2. MBA in Health Care Management

Are you curious about working in health care management, or find yourself thinking about how health care organizations can deliver better care? The MBA, Health Care Management specialization* prepares you to navigate this complex and dynamic industry with health care specific coursework in management, the regulatory environment, law, and organizational strategy.

3. MBA in Human Resource Management

How do you build the right team to achieve a company’s business objectives? What does it take to motivate and engage employees? The MBA in Human Resource Management specialization can help you enter, or advance, in the HRM field. You’ll learn how to make data-informed decisions to enhance top talent recruitment and retention, and learn best practices in employee compensation and benefits management.

4. MBA in Project Management

Do you see ways organizations can become more efficient? Do you enjoy identifying factors that help ensure projects succeed? An MBA in Project Management* will help you develop decision-making skills and the ability to navigate and organize dynamic project situations. All coursework aligns with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) global standards.

Capella University offers a wide variety of online MBA specializations to fit individual interests and help further your career.

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