There are plenty of people who land a decent job without getting a college degree first.

It’s possible to start in an entry-level position, develop on-the-job skills, and move up the ranks. But in the long run, a formal education can have its advantages.

Here are four reasons why it makes sense to consider a degree in your field.


1. Demonstrating Commitment

Pursuing a degree while already working in the field shows you are committed to your profession. It reflects a desire to grow and expand your skill set.

What’s more, moving toward a degree is evidence of persistence, determination, and the ability to handle challenging situations—many qualities that are expected of individuals looking to fill supervisor, manager, and director positions.

In some cases, employers are willing to support your decision to grow in your profession and will offer tuition assistance programs or flexibility in schedules.


2. Career Advancement Opportunities

Oftentimes there are limits to how far you can move up in an organization without a degree. Not only could having a degree advance your career growth, but it also can set you up with more opportunities for formal, employer-sponsored job training.

Additionally, a bachelor’s degree can help you prepare to spread your wings. While you may have built a strong reputation within your current organization without a degree, there may come a time when you want to move to another company. The extra credential of a degree is an additional tool to support you in your job search.

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3. Personal Growth

Pursuing your education provides an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow your expertise in a structured environment. Higher education can open up a wealth of ideas in the arts, history, psychology, science, and other areas of study to enhance not only your knowledge but also your life in general.

Getting a degree will also provide opportunities to expand your professional network through classmates, instructors, and alumni.

4. Recognition and Credibility

A degree can help you earn you respect and recognition from your colleagues and your employer. With the knowledge and skills acquired through a degree program, you could become that “go-to” person on the team who is positioned to handle specialized subject matters.

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