Capella Declines to Participate in US News Survey

September 20, 2011

The U.S. News & World Report college rankings get a lot of attention and stir up a lot of debate. Our Interim-President Deb Bushway added a thoughtful voice to the conversation this morning with a guest post at Huffington Post about Capella’s decision not to participate in the U.S. News survey. I hope folks take a few moments to read this. If U.S. News makes a choice to focus on outcomes rather than inputs, Capella will be at the front of the line to participate.

One Response to "Capella Declines to Participate in US News Survey"

  1. Camaille Shepard says:

    As an experienced professional attending Capella, I think the decision to not participate is a good decision. You cannot be swayed by public opinion and always base decisions on what is best for the University.

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