Interesting Work Done by the Chronicle on Graduation Rates

March 5, 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education released an interesting report this morning on graduation rates. There’s a lot to examine here. One of the most interesting things is that the federal definition for graduation rate is defined as the percentage of full-time, first-time students who enrolled in the fall and completed their degree within “150 percent of normal time.” Unfortunately, according to the Chronicle, that definition applies to only 40% of today’s students. I know it applies to almost none of Capella’s students who are most often working adults seeking a graduate degree.

Still, completion is a critical issue nationally and one we take very seriously at Capella. For those interested, Capella’s graduation rate is just below 50%. We begin tracking the rate after a learner has passed first-course. A link to the Chronicle’s work is below.


"2 Responses to "Interesting Work Done by the Chronicle on Graduation Rates"

  1. FEDRICKA says:

    Thanks for this information. I am a working adult and just want to narrow my choices. Under 50% may not seem great to me but I don’t know all the variables.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m a student at Capella. The classes are very time consuming and definitely require a lot of self discipline. I don’t remember my friends working as hard for their degrees. That said, I wouldn’t be able to attend a brick and mortar college.

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