Department of Education announces they will include part-time students in graduation rates

April 13, 2012

The Department of Education made an important announcement on Wednesday. Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, announced Wednesday that part-time students will now be included in federal reporting for college graduation rates. This will have a significant impact as the vast majority of Capella University’s students are working adults who are looking to advance their education and careers through part-time education. For the first time, non-traditional students will have access to increased transparency about which institutions can best get them to the finish line of their academic careers.

Earlier this year, Capella participated in the Dept. of Education’s summit highlighting practices in the collection and dissemination of data related to student access. We look forward to working with the Department of Education as it implements these changes as part of the Action Plan to Improve Measures of Postsecondary Success.

One Response to "Department of Education announces they will include part-time students in graduation rates"

  1. Dan Kuchinka says:

    I wonder if including part-time students in the federal reporting of college graduation rates has anything to do with this being an election year. This question will be answered once we see how the information is actually reported by the current administration and the media.

    Perhaps someone can explain what other legitimate reason the government would have for changing the way information is reported. To support reasons for skepticism…does anyone know why the government reports unemployment using their current methods? Do you also know that real unemployment is over double the reported number?

    The point here is while this announcement may sound exciting, we must remember the government’s history of manipulating data and where the government falls on the scholarly literature continuum…I don’t believe they are even on it.

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