Capella at 20: Changing Education, Changing Lives. Meet Tim.

February 22, 2013

As we continue to celebrate Capella’s 20th anniversary, here is another inspiring Capella graduate, Tim Martin, who shares his Capella experience in his own words:

Capella PhD graduate, Tim Martin

Capella PhD graduate, Tim Martin

“My fondest memories of Capella are the colloquia. These were the most challenging and most rewarding. I attended the first one as a PhD candidate and remember how much my brain hurt at the end of the day. It hurt because of all the high-level discussions I had during the sessions and social events while surrounded by so many very intelligent and critical thinkers. I chose Capella because I was looking for an accredited and respected PhD program that offered courses online, as my job required me to travel. I loved the experience and often miss it, but realize a PhD is a terminal degree because my wife would kill me if I told her I was going back to school again! This was a very challenging and special time in my life because I grew as a person, and the experience strengthened my communication skills, relationships and character.
Becoming a PhD and Capella graduate has helped me significantly. I am currently a senior manager (division chief) with a DoD agency. I received a couple of promotions (one before I finished), became an adjunct faculty member at another university, and a faculty advisory board member at a third university where I worked with other industry professionals to guide the curriculum to ensure it was appropriate for the IT industry. I presented my dissertation findings at an MIT conference, and was a featured speaker at a couple of local security conferences. I became a mentor, won a mentoring award from my work, and became a local chapter president for a DoD networking nonprofit organization.
When people ask me for suggestions about furthering their education, I answer with, “Why do you want to?” If they only want a degree, I suggest they go elsewhere. If they want to become a better person, gain experiences and insights not available at a typical university and embark on a significant life-changing experience, I recommend Capella!”

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