Capella at 20: Changing Education, Changing Lives. Meet Ilene.

March 1, 2013

Meet Ilene Risley, a lead enrollment counselor at Capella, who reflects on her 15 years of experience at Capella as part of our ongoing 20th-anniversary celebration.

Ilene Risley, Capella University Lead Enrollment Counselor

Ilene Risley, Capella University Lead Enrollment Counselor

“On Jan. 7, 1998, I started at Capella (then called the Graduate School of America). It was quite the time during those early days, and everyone was involved in the decisions, growth and commitment to the university. Of course, those of us who helped in the start-up phase felt ownership, pride and the desire to see the success of our school. The integrity, pride and determination of the people are the cornerstones that made Capella what it is today!

What a journey! I love education, changing lives, making a difference, and believe in lifelong learning. I can’t think of another organization that I am more proud to be a part of than Capella University. The determination and commitment that so many people who have worked at Capella University over the years have had and continue to have make us great! The commitment to changing lives is the belief Steve Shank (Capella’s founder) gave us, which is a gift. We must never forget to live the dream of Capella University for others.”

"2 Responses to "Capella at 20: Changing Education, Changing Lives. Meet Ilene."

  1. Julie Helmrich says:

    As someone who taught FOR you (pre-Capella) and someone who worked with you (at Capella), I want to say that you are THE REAL DEAL! It has always been an honor to call you a colleague as well as a friend. …and please, move BACK TO MILWAUKEE! 🙂 We all still miss you!!!

    • Ilene Risley says:

      Thank you so much and it has been my honor working with you as well!!!!! It is always special working with a high level professional such as you Dr. Helmrich over the years who understands the learner as well as you!!!

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