Capella at 20: Changing Education, Changing Lives. Meet Chris.

March 8, 2013

Here is the latest “first-hand account” from Capella graduate Christopher Peacock about what the Capella experience meant to him.

Capella graduate, Christopher Peacock

Capella graduate, Christopher Peacock

“I completed both my master’s and doctorate with Capella University. The summation of the journey is a complex story … a story fraught with overcoming diversity and hardships. The journey has made me a person with more to offer to my family and community.

Over the course of the journey I experienced many difficulties. I suffered financial hardships and family hardships with the passing of my wife. These hardships are similar to those faced by others, and something to be overcome.

My memories of Capella are fragmented, with the demands of meeting both academic and professional life. The hours juggled to complete the requirements that life threw at me, while being the best father to my son. When I became a single father, the reasons behind achieving my PhD shifted to being a role model for my son.

Attending Capella meant to me the needed flexibility to complete my degree. The degrees I earned opened doors and opportunities. Working as an enterprise architect, my degrees have opened the possibility for different career options. I am taken more seriously and considered for positions of more responsibility. In the near future I will obtain a more senior position. I have begun papers and articles adding my knowledge to the body of knowledge in my industry.

I have always told people the benefit of education, and how my Capella University education has helped me achieve my personal goals.”

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