Capella alumni and students share: Why Capella?

March 29, 2013

Online students have many different needs, expectations, and priorities than more traditional students. Transparency and accountability are critically important in higher education—especially for adults going back to school. Adult students usually have many other time commitments, so they need to know exactly what they’ll learn, how they’ll be able to use that knowledge, and that the investment they’re making in their education is worth it.

Recently, we asked our Facebook and Twitter social communities why they chose Capella and how they would describe their experience. I think it is best to let our students and alumni speak for themselves:

Here is how our Facebook community described their Capella experience: 


Please share, how would you describe your Capella experience?


"2 Responses to "Capella alumni and students share: Why Capella?"

  1. Steven Shapiro says:

    I chose Capella for the convenience. I love the flexibility online classes provide me. I could not do as well as I am at Capella with the stress of a dedicated classroom visit each week.

    • Keith Seidl says:


      Great to know you are enjoying and succeeding with the Capella program. We lost touch a bit this past year but I will never forget your dedication and determination to not only finish your certificate but to get started with your degree.

      Keep in touch as you move closer to your graduation. I will do the same. Happy Spring if it ever gets here!

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