Interviewing: Keys to Success

May 16, 2013

This week’s guest blog post is from Career Counselor, Miranda Johnson, a member of Capella’s Career Services team. 


Miranda Johnson, Capella University Career Counselor

Miranda Johnson, Capella University Career Counselor

Have an upcoming interview?  Being prepared is one key to success.  Here are a few strategies to help you prepare.

Know what you bring to the table.
Employers can tell when you’ve done your homework versus when you’re just “winging it”.  Show them you’re serious about their position by spending time reflecting on what you have to offer.  If you read the job posting and thought “this sounds perfect for me!” then you need to prepare examples that will show your interviewer how your unique blend of education, experience, and qualifications makes you a strong fit for their job.


Practice talking about your skills and experience.
Imagine this: an employer asks you a question, you’re caught off guard, and you launch into a rambling answer that ends with “I’m sorry, what was the question?”  We’ve probably all been there.  To avoid this, think of key examples of your successes and accomplishments that are relevant to the job.  Then practice answering commonly asked interview questions aloud.  You’ll feel confident and ready for any curveballs they throw your way!

For additional strategies, join the Career Center for our “Interviewing: Keys to Success” webinar.  Register here.

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