Capella’s Groundbreaking FlexPath Model Approved by the HLC

May 24, 2013

It has been a big week for Capella! We had some exciting news this week when the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approved our innovative FlexPath learning model. You can read the full news release here. The news also got picked up by Inside Higher Ed, and the Star Tribune.

FlexPath is a program model that directly assesses learning and has the potential to impact higher education by:

-significantly reduce the cost of the degree,

-accelerate the time to complete a degree; and

-better align learning to the needs of learners and employers.

As many of you know, traditional degree programs are constructed around credit hours that measure the time required to complete specific courses. But under the FlexPath model, degree programs are built around the direct assessment of demonstrated competencies and the real-world application of learning.

The next step is to seek final approval from the Department of Education and, once we have received that approval, to launch this program more broadly to new and existing learners.

This significant milestone represents the exciting opportunity for us to change the future of higher ed.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.


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  1. Norman Lightbourn says:

    Iam lnterested in the Flex Contact # 305-310-0471

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