Capella Partners to Increase Data Transparency

July 12, 2013

This week, Capella was mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed for our collaboration with a Gates Foundation sponsored initiative to create a framework for measuring an institution’s performance through a new set of measures.

Good higher-ed policy rests on transparency. The challenge is that policymakers are drowning in pools of incomparable data. With a growing number of nontraditional learners, including them in any analysis is essential for painting a true picture of higher education. With support from the Gates Foundation – Capella and 17 other cross-represented coalition members started the conversation to put together a breakthrough framework for data consideration in helping construct higher-ed policy.  The framework includes data from repayment and default rates on student loans, student progression and degree completion rates, the real cost for an institution to produce a degree, graduate employment outcomes and the quality of student learning assessments.

This framework can serve as a starting place for greater transparency in higher education. Through a commitment to thoughtful, comparable metrics, we can begin to create clear, strategic and effective policy for our students.

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