Capella at the New York Times

September 19, 2013

Scott Kinney at NYT event

It was a great day for Capella this Tuesday when we shared the stage with some of the most significant innovators in our sector to discuss the future of higher education. We attended the New York Times Schools of Tomorrow conference headlined by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Khan Academy founder Sal Kahn. Capella University President Scott Kinney was part of a panel focused on online innovations leading to increased affordability and completion. The panel was moderated by former White House Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes and Scott was joined by Dr. Mark Becker from Georgia State, Burke Smith from StraighterLine, and Jamie Merisotis the President and CEO of the Lumina Foundation.  They had a rich conversation that highlighted innovations like Capella’s competency-based FlexPath programs.

What was striking about the conference was the degree to which competency-based learning was at the center of the discussion. It was obviously a focus of Scott’s panel, but Secretary Duncan, Sal Khan and several other panels focused on the topic. The potential that moving beyond the credit hour holds to increase affordability, completion and better align to work skills is starting to become a catalyst for conversations about what the future of higher education will look like.

Capella’s first FlexPath programs begin in October. We’ve used this space quite frequently to discuss the potential of competency-based learning and direct assessment programs and based on our experience Tuesday, the conversation is only just beginning.

For those interested, you can re-watch the conference here. Scott participated in the lunch panel.


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