Capella Named Winner of College Scorecard Design Challenge

December 23, 2013

Earlier this year, the Lumina Foundation announced a “College Scorecard Challenge” built around suggestions for strengthening the College Scorecard the White House released last February. Jillian Klein, Capella’s director of Public and Financial Aid Policy, worked with a cross-functional team to put forward a submission from Capella. The submission was built around our ideas for making a college scorecard that could better inform learner choices and serve as a basis for thoughtful data-based policy solutions. Last week, Lumina announced that out of 390 submissions received, Capella’s submission was the winner!

College Scorecard

Capella’s design “offered many layers of institutional comparisons including popular majors, career upon graduation and forecasted ‘break even’ dates. It also illustrated measures that would make a college comparison tool more student-centric such as creating individual student profiles and including college iconography throughout the platform.”

A huge thank you to the Capella team that made this a huge success.

Here is a link to the press release Lumina sent out.

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