Fighting the affordability crisis

January 8, 2014


Capella’s President Scott Kinney wrote a powerful article in the Hechinger Report today on how innovation in higher education can help make college more affordable.

To address this national crisis, we must support innovation in higher ed. By re-thinking how we deliver high-quality education through models like direct assessment, we can reduce the cost of the degree and still maintain academic rigor and quality.

Scott makes an important point about the urgency needed when trying to fix this problem in our country. He states that a robust, highly-educated workforce that has the mastery of the skills needed in tomorrow’s labor market is essential for the U.S. to remain competitive in the global economy. Unless we encourage innovation and rethink fundamentals soon, the percentage of Americans with college degrees could actually decline due to the crippling amount that a college degree costs.

Here is a link to Scott’s article, “Fighting the affordability crisis by linking new learning models to outcomes.”

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