The real proof is in the students themselves

January 21, 2014

Michelle Navarre Cleary, of DePaul University’s School of New Learning, wrote a blog post for Inside Higher Ed last week about competency-based learning and the benefits it offers students.

In her post, Michelle shares a few examples of why she believes competency-based education is a strong alternative to traditional programs. She explains how it can save students both time and money, how competency programs increase access to college for nontraditional students and minorities, and how information is more likely to be retained and used again when learners engage in metacognition.

Michelle emphasizes that while all these reasons are important to think about when considering competency-based programs, the best indicator of how well these programs work are the students themselves. “Again and again, I see students grow in confidence, revel in the joy of learning, leave jobs to begin careers, and expand their worlds. And that, as any educator worth her salt will tell you, is what it’s all about.”

Michelle also highlighted Capella as a provider of competency-based education. Capella’s competency-based curriculum is designed for busy, experienced professionals who want to gain the relevant competencies to help advance their career – and in the most efficient way.  For the past 10 years, we have wholly-integrated and continually invested in a competency-based learning approach throughout our university. As a result, we’re able to map academic and professional standards to all of our degree programs and more fully support students as they progress through their program.

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