Gallup-Purdue Index

May 7, 2014

Yesterday Gallup, Purdue University and Lumina Foundation released the results of their joint-research effort on the long-term success of graduates as they embark on their life after school. This index provides insight into the relationship between the college experience and whether college graduates have fulfilling lives.

This study comes at a crucial time – there has been increased awareness lately around the purpose of higher education institutions and holding them accountable for this purpose.

There were several compelling findings from the study. I encourage reading it in its entirety, or Gallup’s thorough summary (links below). One central conclusion found was that the type of schools college graduates attend hardly matter at all to their workplace engagement and current well-being. Instead, the study found that “support and experiences in college have more of a relationship to long-term outcomes for these college graduates.”

One disheartening statistic is that only 11% of college graduates are thriving – strong, consistent and progressing – in all five elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community and physical.)

Do you think this study will impact how higher education institutions interact with their students? How? Do you think it will affect how future college students pick which school to attend?

The whole study is available here, and Gallup’s synopsis of the study is located here. Please let me know any thoughts you might have on it in the comments section below.

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