The New ‘Hire’ Education

July 15, 2014

Michelle Rhee-Weise of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation wrote a great article on the future of higher education and how it needs to change to better serve today’s students.

“One of the core components of a disruptive innovation is something we call non-consumption. A disruptive innovation gains traction by initially offering simpler, more affordable and more convenient products and services to non-consumers, people for whom the alternative is nothing at all.” There is an expanding group of students that fit in this “non-consumer” group. These are students that are looking for lifelong learning mechanisms to help them complete school or skill-up for the workforce. These students are trying to transition, move up, are under or unemployed, need to pay off debt, and may not have the option of going to graduate school. These are students who need better and more direct connections to employment opportunities.

I think Michelle’s explanation of what today’s students are looking for in their education is a strong reminder for institutions of higher education. I encourage you to read the article and leave a comment below. Do you agree with Michelle’s analysis on the needs of today’s students?

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