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The real proof is in the students themselves

January 21, 2014

Michelle Navarre Cleary, of DePaul University’s School of New Learning, wrote a blog post for Inside Higher Ed last week about competency-based learning and the benefits it offers students. In her post, Michelle shares a few examples of why she … Continue reading

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The bricks of modern education need the straw of experience-based skills

January 13, 2014

Harvard Business Review recently published a post about competency-based education and the advantage it gives employers when they are looking for the right job candidate. McKinsey & Company’s “Education to Employment” report, referenced in the article, gives a thorough look … Continue reading

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Fighting the affordability crisis

January 8, 2014

Capella’s President Scott Kinney wrote a powerful article in the Hechinger Report today on how innovation in higher education can help make college more affordable. To address this national crisis, we must support innovation in higher ed. By re-thinking how … Continue reading

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The Capella community shares: What if online education didn’t exist?

April 12, 2013

Capella has been committed to solve critical issues facing higher education. One such alarming fact is this: our country is not producing enough college graduates to help ensure we remain a globally competitive nation. While there are many factors, access … Continue reading

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Capella alumni and students share: Why Capella?

March 29, 2013

Online students have many different needs, expectations, and priorities than more traditional students. Transparency and accountability are critically important in higher education—especially for adults going back to school. Adult students usually have many other time commitments, so they need to … Continue reading

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