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I joined Capella Education Company in July, 2010 as Vice President for Corporate Communications. I was drawn to Capella by the organization’s shared sense of mission to transform learning and maximize human potential. Every day when I walk the halls of Capella or engage with faculty I learn something new and am more deeply inspired by the commitment the people here have for learning.

Prior to coming on board at Capella, I worked on education issues as Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska and was Managing Director of a Communications firm in Washington D.C. In addition to Capella, I’m interested in Kansas City Royals baseball, fly-fishing and Bob Dylan so feel free to ping me on any of those topics.

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  1. Meghaan R. Lurtz says:

    Hello Mike,

    My name is Meghaan and not too long ago I completed my MS in IO Psychology through Capella. I am writing to you because I wanted to share my story/express my appreciation. What is more, I was very recently accepted into a Ph.D. program through the Kansas State University; without the help and support from three women at Capella I would probably have never applied.

    Nona Haller, Dr. Nancy Aragon and Dr. Loren Faibisch during my time at Capella supported me, believed in me and pushed me to reach for my goals.

    I am a military spouse, so finding a job is not always easy. I returned to school about 2 years ago with hope of being able to find a job; believing more eduction would help me to land a job. However, I will tell you that although I am still looking for a job, I do make a steady living with a mix of consulting and part-time work at a law office. In the meantime though, I have started my own company. http://www.FinancialHealthDynamics.com. It is slowly getting off of the ground, but I am (fingers-crossed) networking and in the Ph.D. program, so maybe sooner than later things will take off.

    I more so just wanted you to know how wonderful these three women are. I was in a bad place when I started at Capella. These women helped me, without ever meeting me. They would take my long phone calls and we would talk about life. They would encouraged me to take a risk with my employment, but also with my life. They knew that I wanted to get my Ph.D. and even when I was not sure I could do it, they were sure for me.

    I hope I am able to give back to them in more ways than they gave to me; and to that end, I thought a little written appreciation could not hurt. I hope to make them and Capella proud.


    Meghaan R. Lurtz

    p.s. I am a Royals fan too! Born and raised.

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