More than just a fun fundraiser, it’s our opportunity to be awesome–together.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who helped design, construct and play our tournament worthy course this year! With your help, we raised almost $1000 for our charity partners! Please see the winners for our contests, below!

Lowest Scores:

1. Christian Mazanec
2. Chase Gross
3. Ryan Jasperson

1. Team Four-Some: Jake Mingo, Chad Pittenger, Christian Mazanec, Ryan Jasperson
2. SalesFours: Mani Ratnam, Anthony Martin, Chase Gross, Darius Mortezaee
3. Come to the Data Side: Jerry Shudy, Bob Isaacson, Ryan Lundahl, Matt Kaegebein

Hole in 1 Winner:
Logan Bratton

Best Costume:
Anchormen (aka Tappy Tapps)


Mini Golf Co-Chairs
Josh Erickson
Leah Christenson
Matt Axelson