More than just a fun fundraiser, it’s our opportunity to be awesome–together.

Volunteer Fair and Campaign Kickoff

On October 25 begin your day at Bagel Friday, and while you dine, check out our charity partner booths, where you can learn about volunteer opportunities. In the afternoon, get out of the office and head over to the Grand Hotel, right next door, for Campaign Kickoff at 2 or 3:15 p.m. We’ll have cider, cookies, a keynote from the ELT, and music from 1993 by the Together for Good Band, featuring special guest Mike Buttry—your VP for Public Affairs and Communications—on harmonica.

Make your online donation today!

Start your day by making an online donation. The first 800 employees to donate at least $1 will receive a TFG window cling. On top of that, your CEO, Kevin Gilligan, will donate $10 out of his own pocket for the first 1,000 donations made online. AND, if 50 percent of Capella’s employees make an online donation, Capella will kick in another $10,000. We did it last year and we can do it again. Two $25 Amazon gift cards will be given away every day between October 27 and November 7 to people who have made their online donation. Donate early to increase your chances of winning.

Welcome to Together for Good 2014

Together for Good is back! Last year, we raised a record-breaking $230,700 for charity, and this year we’ve raised the bar. We’re out to raise $250,000 for your charities, and we need all hands on deck to get it done. The campaign kicks off October 24.

Message from Executive Sponsor Mary Miller

Hi, I’m Mary Miller and it’s my privilege to be the executive sponsor of this year’s Together for Good campaign, which kicks off on Friday, October 24. Over the course of the past few months, Heather Landis and Jillian Klein, the co-chairs of this year’s campaign, have been working very hard—and creatively I might add—with the entire Together for Good leadership team to plan what I believe will be an outstanding campaign.

I want to personally encourage everyone to get involved in and enjoy the campaign! I believe that the campaign aligns incredibly well with Capella’s values and historical underpinnings. On the one hand, the campaign provides a vehicle through which we can reach out to help and serve those in our local communities. And for that reason alone, the Together for Good campaign is critically important to all of us.

But over and above the community service angle, I’ve found the campaign to be tremendously energizing for Capella as an institution. For those who are new to Capella or have not actively participated in the past, I think you’ll find that the campaign provides some incredibly fun and creative ways to meet and interact with colleagues from other parts of the organization. In short, there’s a lot of energy generated by our campaign and that energy carries back to our daily work with learners, in my opinion.

I’ll send you a follow-up message later with my thoughts on giving. I wanted to start, however, by just asking you to get involved in as much of the campaign as possible, and to enjoy the experience! Thanks everyone. Together we can do some very good things, both for our community and for Capella as an institution.

Mary Miller
Chief Marketing Officer
TFG14 Executive Sponsor