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Browser Vendor and Version Information

Capella supports major browsers available on the market today: Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari versions 6 and 7.

Use the Capella Computer Check-Up tool for other browsers you plan on accessing Capella websites with. Please open each browser intended for use. Copy and paste the URL for this tool ( ) into the address bar for testing.


  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Firefox
  3. Google Chrome


  1. Safari
  2. Firefox (Current Release)
  3. Google Chrome (Current Release)


If you are not browser savvy, here are a some facts that may help you:

Definition: a browser is an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. The piece of software you are using right now to read this webpage is a browser.

Browser software is typically free from major vendors. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple's Safari browsers can be downloaded for free. Note: Capella students and faculty are only required to have a minimum one of these browsers installed, but it may help with site navigation/use to have more than one browser installed.

If you use AOL or MSN or another company's Internet access, you are not required to use their browser. Once connected to the Internet, you may use any browser to surf the web. You may also run several instances of the same or different browsers on your machine at the same time. So it's possible to have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and AOL all running web pages on your computer simultaneously.

Browsers integrate other small software called "Plug-ins" to run more enhanced features like animation, movies, music, calculators, etc... within a webpage. This would include names like Flash, MediaPlayer, Acrobat, Java, and so on. Some of these plug-ins are required at Capella and the specifications are listed further into the Capella Computer Check-Up tool. Plug-ins are typically free as well.


When you have completed any configuration change, please return to the Capella Computer Check-Up page and click the Check Again button. This will ensure a new scan of your system is performed. After retesting, if no indication of change has occurred, it may be necessary to follow these futher instructions:

  1. Close out all instances of the brower you just made changes to (including this one.)
  2. Restart a single instance of the same browser.
  3. Return to the Capella Computer Check-Up tool. 
    ( )
  4. Click the Check Again button.
  5. Did the new test indicate any change? If not, restart your computer and follow this testing procedure again.



Use of this tool is subject to the Capella University Privacy Policy.


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