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FlexPath Lets You Live. AND Learn.

Why settle if you don’t have to?

We understand that you want to go back to school, but worry about fitting it into an already busy life. Our FlexPath graduates want you to know that completing a degree that can help you further your careerAND having the freedom to live your life at the same timeis possible.

FlexPath Success Stories

Career Doors Are Now Open

Andrea found herself between jobs, raising two young kids as a single mom. She needed a degree that was flexible, affordable, and could take her where she wanted to go in her career.

Learning that Fits any Schedule

Coni, an IT executive, didn’t think she had enough time to go back to school. When she heard about FlexPath, she thought it was too good to be true—and she was thrilled to find she was wrong. FlexPath gave her the freedom to move at her own, faster pace.

Quality Degree. Optimal Value.

As a family man who also works long hours, Bryan was thrilled that FlexPath offered flexibility as well as allowed him to leverage his experience. The end result? Getting where he wanted to go faster for less than he expected to spend, without sacrificing work or family.

If you’re thinking about FlexPath, I understand that it’s online and it’s scary because you feel like you might be on your own. But you’re just not. Everyone’s a team and that’s the best part of FlexPath.

Andrea, FlexPath Graduate

Significant Return on Investment

Because so much of the content of Adam’s FlexPath courses related directly to his everyday work, he believes he was able to mold his career and take it to the next level.

FlexPath Made a Degree Possible

As a couple with grown children and grandchildren, Donald and Tracy thought they had gone beyond the age when they could return to school. Being able to take courses at their own pace and still enjoy their family was possible with FlexPath.

Worried about Time & Student Debt

Emily works 50 hours a week and thought an MBA would never fit into her busy lifestyle. She also worried about adding student debt. FlexPath’s self-paced format and all-you-can learn pricing model made grad school possible for her.

*Actual Capella students who agreed to appear in Capella promotional materials.

Having that flexibility and really knowing I am in control of when I finish, really drove me to do it as fast as possible with the least amount of expenses.

Bryan, FlexPath Graduate

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