Professional Doctorate Research Seminar

Doctorate Project Development Seminar

The success of any doctoral capstone is built on a solid foundation of research. That’s why we designed the professional doctoral project development seminars to help you gain momentum early in your program—building skills and confidence. The seminars give you the time and resources to focus on your capstone topic, methodology, literature review, and research plan to move steadily toward your goals.

Seminar Competencies

As you advance through the doctoral project development seminar tracks, you will strive for mastery in each of these critical areas:

Scholar-Practitioner Development

Identify and cultivate the skills required to professionally implement your research design.


Apply critical-thinking skills to integrate ideas and concepts from previous research—guide and support new research methods and designs.


Pose questions aligned to a problem, study existing literature, propose research methodology, analyze data, and apply ethics and academic integrity to research.

Scholarly Communication

Cultivate academic communication skills in verbal and written interactions necessary to advance scientific research.


In your program, you’ll complete two professional doctoral project developement seminars to ensure you’ll begin working on your doctoral capstone early and continuously throughout your program.

What you'll learn—and when

Doctoral project development seminar 1 During seminar, you’ll identify a research problem and topic, and draft research questions. Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.
Doctoral project development seminar 2 During seminar, you’ll apply skills to deepen your understanding of your doctoral capstone topic and craft a full research plan. You’ll also complete doctoral capstone milestone 1 (topic approval). Cannot be fulfilled by transfer.