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MEd FlexPath—Your degree is now in reach!

You’ve had legitimate reasons for putting your master’s degree on the back burner—time, cost, busy schedule, and a passionate focus on your students. FlexPath is our answer to all of that.

The Internet was down or my printer didn’t work are the modern versions of "the dog ate my homework." Nonetheless, teachers continue to chuckle over all the reasons students don’t get their assignments done. But as a teacher, do you find yourself mirroring the same behavior and rationalizing why now is not the right time to go back to school and get a master’s degree?

It’s time to stop waiting and take action. Here are three common obstacles that may have been standing in the way of earning your Master of Education (MEd) degree, and why Capella University's new FlexPath MEd option could be the flexible and affordable solution you’ve been waiting for.

Excuse #1: “My schedule is too busy.”

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “A teacher’s work is never done,” or maybe you’ve even used it yourself. From daily planning to managing classes to pressure from parents and administration, your days are long and stressful. In addition, you’re balancing family activities or personal interests with your career.

Answer: FlexPath offers incredible flexibility in online education.

  • You choose the pace of your progress. Pause or accelerate as you wish.
  • You set your own deadlines to accommodate your schedule, so you can complete the courses around your calendar, not ours.
  • Your learning is assessed through demonstration of key skills, not through time spent in class.
  • FlexPath is fluid, so you can juggle work, life, and learning.

Excuse #2: “Master’s degrees are too expensive and take too long to finish.”

We understand that choosing to pursue a graduate degree is a heavy financial decision. It’s important to consider the immediate investment versus the potential for long term gain. While Capella doesn’t guarantee any particular career outcome, earning the degree sooner may offer you more time for year-over-year gains to add up.

Answer: With FlexPath, your pace determines your price.

  • You can finish as many courses as you want each 12- week session—taking up to two courses at a time— for one flat fee.
  • This all-you-can-learn pricing model means the faster your pace, the more money you may save.

Excuse #3: “I already know this stuff. Why waste my time learning it again?”

Whether you’re a new or veteran teacher, your real-world experience has value. You have better things to do than sit through lectures and discussions that don’t relate to you.

Answer: FlexPath lets you leverage what you already know.

  • Move quickly through material you already know and spend more time on what you really need to learn.
  • Build your own personalized path. Decide what you want to learn and how you want to learn it.
  • Once you complete a course, whether that takes you two weeks, or 12, you’re free to move on to the next course without having to wait for a new term to begin.

Capella University’s online MEd program, available in both GuidedPath and FlexPath learning formats, offers tools to become the inspirational teacher you continually aspire to be in a flexible and personalized setting. It’s designed around you to make your goal of earning a master’s degree a reality, without sacrificing your personal and professional life. 

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program.


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MEd FlexPath—Your degree is now in reach!

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