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Welcome to the FlexPath Movement

What do a nurse, an IT executive, and a teacher have in common? They all chose a better way to earn their degree with FlexPath.

Experience Our FlexPath Journey

Kati Kleber, MSN, Nursing Education

I am the founder of FreshRN, a blog for nurses. As a critical care nurse, an author, and a new mom, I need a program that doesn't have pre-set deadlines.

Coni Pasch, MBA, General Business Administration

I'm a mom of three and an IT executive at a Fortune 500 company. I chose FlexPath so I could leverage my 35 years of experience.

Todd Boyer, MEd, Teaching and Learning

I am a father of two and a tenured teacher. FlexPath lets me fit school around my career and family life.

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Six Things We LOVE About FlexPath

Self-Paced Format

“As a teacher, I really appreciate how there are no terms, and no pre-set deadlines, so when I finish a course, I just move on to the next one without waiting. I am in complete control.” - Todd

No Exams

“Thank goodness!  I can focus on applying my new knowledge instead of just memorizing for a test.” - Kati

Leverage Experience

“This is great! I have over 35 years of experience that I can use to help me complete topics I know at a faster rate, which ultimately might help me save time and money.”
- Coni

Pace Determines Price

“The subscription-based pricing is really smart. I can complete as many courses as I want every 12 weeks for one flat tuition fee.* The faster I go, the more I save.”
- Todd

Freedom to choose

“I’ve got a lot that I’m juggling, so I love that I can set my own deadlines, and I can change them if I need to.” - Kati

The ability to live. And learn.

“I plan ahead, blocking time on my calendar, ensuring I meet my goal of finishing three classes every 12 weeks, AND fit in a vacation!” – Coni

*Books, supplies, and other fees may apply.

Our Day-to-Day FlexPath Journey

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