Free Professional Development Solutions for Teachers

Succeed with any tool, any platform, any software 

Today’s classrooms are full of technology, and as a teacher, you have more tools
and options than ever for engaging your students and delivering personalized
instruction.  To advance student achievement, it’s critical to develop deep
competencies around digital teaching and learning. 

That’s why Capella University has developed more than 20 courses designed
specifically to teach you the foundations of instructional technologies
and help you develop these competencies—for FREE.

Powered by Sophia, these flexible, self-paced courses allow you to earn clock hours for free—or graduate credit
for a fraction of the typical cost—from anywhere and at any time.

The Course Experience

See what it’s like to experience Capella’s professional development courses

Capella’s PD courses are powered by Sophia. Explore our unique learning environment:

  • Courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime so you can learn when it’s convenient for you.
  • You can choose a video tutor who matches your style.
  • You’ll be engaged throughout the program with contextualized questions, hints, and multiple attempts to answer formative assessments.
  • You can monitor your progress throughout the course.
  • You may choose to earn optional graduate credit through an additional project and small fee.

The Course Experience

Take a tour of our unique learning environment.
Anytime, anywhere courses mean teachers can learn when it is convenient for them.
Learners can choose a video tutor who matches their style.
Learners are engaged throughout the program with contextualized questions, hints and multiple attempts to answer formative assessments.
Learners can monitor their progress.
When teachers complete the professional development course, we automatically send them a certificate of completion.
Earn optional graduate credit by completing the Touchstone, a final project that shows off your new learning.
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Accelerate your career flexibly and affordably with our professional development for teachers.


Available anytime, from any device, our self-paced classes help you build and assess skills without extra busywork.


Earn graduate credit at a fraction of the usual cost, helping you fast track your credentials, salary, and leadership potential.


Gain knowledge and learn strategies that you can apply immediately in the classroom.


You may also be able to earn clock hours toward professional development or optional graduate credit from Capella University with these courses*.  


Stay on top of the latest advances in educational technology – for free! 
Click on any of the courses below to learn more and get started.

Taking it to the Next Level

Growing as a teacher is more than just professional development.
Learn how you can position yourself as a thought leader by taking your learning further. 


Our professional development courses are aligned to Capella University degree programs in education innovation and technology. At any point throughout the course, you can choose to pursue graduate credit from Capella University by paying a $50 fee per credit. Applying for graduate credit requires an additional project (known as a Touchstone) that demonstrates your competency mastery. 


Capella’s degree programs in Education Innovation and Technology give you the practical skills and foundational theories needed to integrate instructional technology into your school’s curriculum and culture. 

*Additional requirements and fees apply when pursuing graduate credit. State regulations vary regarding salary benefits and continuing education. It is the learner’s responsibility to understand and comply with requirements for their state, which may include pre-approval of qualified professional development opportunities.

**Capella's academic calendar is based on the quarter system.  Three quarter credits equals two semester credits.