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School of Nursing and Health Sciences Department of Nursing

Bridget Roberts


  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
    Eastern Kentucky University, 2013
    Major: Nursing Practice
  • Master of Science in Nursing
    Eastern Kentucky University, 2001
    Major: Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Eastern Kentucky University, 1999
    Major: Nursing

Licensure & Certificates

  • Certified Nurse Educator
  • Medical Surgical Nurse


  • "Caring for patients with Parkinson Disease: Your role" 2010
  • "The doctor of nursing practice and role assimiliation: Strategies for success"Clinical Scholar's Review 2014
  • "Mentoring: A nurse educator survey"Teaching and Learning in Nursing 2010
  • "Book Review: Person and family centered care "Creative Nursing 0001
  • "Recruitment and retention of nurse educators: An imperative intervention to decrease the nursing shortage"Kentucky Nurse 2008
  • "Relationship-based care: The Institute of Medicine's core competencies in action"Creative Nursing 2015
  • "The 411 on epileptic drugs"Nursing Made Incredibly Easy 2010
  • "Doctor of nursing practice: Integrating theory, research, and evidence-based practice"Clinical Scholar's Review 2013
  • "Carbidopa/levodopa: A winning combination" 2008
  • "Implementing supportive strategies to retain nurse educators "Teaching and Learning in Nursing 2007
  • "Facilitators of mentoring among nurse educators"Kentucky Nurse 2009
  • "Attending to vulnerable populations through nurse advocacy on boards and in public service"Creative Nurse 2018


  • "NLN Symposium"First Course: A model to imporve learner success
    Anaheim, CA. August 2017
  • "2012 Kentucky Nurses Association Conference"Doctor of Nursing Practice in the academic setting: Recognizing the benefits.
    Louisville, KY. September 2012
  • "Academic Leadership Conference"Beyond Milestone-Innovations in Doctoral Project Completions
    Bloomington, MN. September 2019
  • "AACN Baccalaureate Education Conference"Model for a Direct Assessment Competency-Based RN-to-BSN Curriculum
    Anaheim, CA. November 2016
  • "AACN BSN Conference"
    Atlanta, GA. November 2017
  • "CBExchange"We're different from each other and that's why we're great
    Palm Springs, CA. October 2019
  • "Kentucky Society of Medical Assistants Annual Meeting"Relationship-Based Care
    Lexington, KY. May 2013
  • "AACN BSN Conference"Transforming nursing education through adaptation to millenial learners
    Atlanta, GA. October 2017
  • "Kentucky League for Nursing Conference"Barriers to mentoring among nurse
    Carrollton, KY. April 2009
  • "National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing Convention"NUR 300: Building bridges to professional practice
    Chicago, IL. October 2011
  • "International Relationship Based Care Symposium"Implementing a caring model and assessing impact at a rural regional hospital
    Huron, OH. August 2013
  • "Minnesota Organization of Nurse Leaders"Together we rise: Effective mentoring in nursing
    . December 2018
  • "2008 Kentucky Nurses Association Convention"Facilitators of mentoring among nurse educators
    Louisville, KY. September 2012
  • ""HIV & AIDS Self Study Packet
    . September 2010
  • "National League for Nursing Symposium"Competency Based Education
    Orlando, Florida. August 2016
  • "Lifepoint Patient Safety Conference"Relationship-Based Care: Promoting culture change and enhancing the patient experience.
    Nashville, TN. May 2015
  • "Kentucky League for Nursing Conference"Thinking and doing: Incorporating critical thinking activites into the 120 hour clinical
    Carrollton, KY. June 2008
  • "Kentucky League for Nursing Conference"Doctor of Nursing Practice: An asset to nursing education
    Carrollton, KY. August 2013
  • "NLN Symposium"First Course: A Model to Improve Learner Persistence
    Anaheim Califormia. August 2017
  • ""HIV & AIDS Self Study Packet
    . December 2007
  • ""Relationship Based Care
    Lexington, KY. April 2013

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