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School of Business and Technology Department of Business

Brock Boudreau


  • PhD in Business Management - Accounting
  • PhD in Business Management - Finance
  • PhD in Business Management - General Business Management
  • PhD in Business Management - Human Resource Management
  • PhD in Business Management - Info Technology Management
  • PhD in Business Management - Leadership
  • PhD in Business Management - Management Education
  • PhD in Business Management - Marketing
  • PhD in Business Management - Project Management
  • PhD in Business Management - Strategy and Innovation
  • PhD in Information Technology - General Information Technology
  • PhD in Information Technology - Info Assurance and Security
  • PhD in Information Technology - IT Education
  • PhD in Information Technology - Project Management


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Texas A And M University Commerce, 2000
    Major: Educational Psychology
  • Master of Science
    Texas A And M University Commerce, 1998
    Major: Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    University of Texas San Antonio, 1986
    Major: Experimental Psychology


  • "Adolescent passengers of drunk drivers: A multi-level exploration into the inequities of risk and safety"Addiction 2006
  • "Validity of a 12-item version of the CES-D used in the National Longitudinal Study of Children and Youth"Puoulin, C. Hand, D. & Boudrau, B. 2004
  • "Family Affluence Scale II (FAS II) Validation for the Atlantic Provinces"Social Science Indicators 2007
  • "Expediting permanent placement from foster care systems: The role of family group decision-making"Children and Youth Services Review 2011
  • "The Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (RAPI): A Comparison of Cut-points in First Nations Mi’kmaq and Non-Aboriginal Adolescents in Rural Nova Scotia"International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 2009
  • "Gender differnces in the assoication between substance use and elevated depresive symptoms in a general adolescent population"Poulin, C. Hand, D. & Sandor, D 2004
  • "A longitudinal analysis of capped caseloads and intensive conservatorship practice for improving permanency outcomes for teens in substitute care" 0001
  • "The South Oaks Gambling Screen-Revised Adolescent (SOGS-RA) Revisited: A Cut-point Analysis"Journal of Gambling Studies 2006
  • "A psychometric analysis of the Texas Concept Guided Risk and Safety Assessment" 0001


  • "The Adolescent Health Forum"Atlantic Alcohol Risk Continuum
    Halifax, Nova Scotia. February 2006
  • "Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Symposium"Adolescent Passengers of Drunk Drivers: Risk and Safety in Atlantic Canada
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. September 2006
  • "Adolescent Health Forum: What's New, So What?""Gender Differences in Depression and Substance Use Among Adolescents in Atlantic Canada
    Halifax, Nova Scotia. December 2004
  • "Dalhousie University, Dept of Community Health and Epidemiology Seminar Series"). Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Analysis and Instrument Assessment
    Halifax, Nova Scotia. February 2008

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