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School of Education Department of Education

Christopher Stabile


  • Education Specialist - Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD Education - Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD Education - Inst Des for Online Learning
  • PhD Education - K-12 Studies in Education
  • PhD Education - Leadership for Higher Ed
  • PhD Education - Leadership in Ed Admin
  • PhD Education - Nursing Education
  • PhD Education - Postsecondary and Adult Ed
  • PhD Education - Professional Studies in Ed
  • PhD Education - Special Education Leadership


  • Doctor of Education
    Nova Southeastern University, 2002
    Major: Child & Youth Studies
  • Master of Arts
    Nova Southeastern University, 1996
    Major: Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science
    Nova Southeastern University, 1994
    Major: Social Studies

Licensure & Certificates

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst -Doctoral
  • Florida Educator Certfication


  • "Motivation" 2005
  • "Invitational learning" 2005
  • "Clarifying the difference between training, development " 0001
  • "The four P’s to classroom management" 2007
  • "Discovering the Great Teacher in You: A Guide to Mindset and Practice " 0001
  • "The reflective practice" 2010
  • "Educational practices in academia: Culture of change" 2005
  • "Lesson plans: The age of accountability" 2005
  • "Graphic organizers" 2006
  • "Constructivism Reconsidered in the Age of Social Media: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Number 144 (J-B TL Single Issue Teaching and Learning)"Jossey-Bass 2016
  • "Critical thinking: How to think in-depth" 2007
  • "First day of class" 2005
  • "The 10 principles to PowerPoint" 2007
  • "Firm, fair, and consistent: Words to live by" 2007
  • "The heterogeneous classroom" 2005


  • "Keiser University's Graduate School Research Symposium"Single subject research: An overview
    Fort Lauderdale, FL. February 2011
  • "Concurrent Session, Commission on Colleges"Closing the Loop” for enhancement of student learning: Incorporating the Center for Teaching and Learning
    Orlando, FL . December 2011
  • "FFDC-- Florida Faculty Development Consortium "How to Build a Successful Teaching and Learning Center
    Clearwater, FL . September 2016
  • "Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium"Center for teaching and learning: A school-consultant model
    Fort Lauderdale, FL. March 2008
  • "Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium"R-CAMPUS: Method for faculty development
    Chattanooga, TN . March 2007
  • "Florida Association of Post-Secondary Schools"methods and critical thinking: Helping career students sucessful
    Miami, FL . July 2008
  • "Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools"Teaching and learning for tomorrow’s faculty
    New Orleans, LA. December 2007
  • "Florida Philosophical Association’s Symposium on Teaching Philosophical Readiness"Active learning in philosophy class
    Gainesville, FL . November 2009
  • "Southern Association of College and Schools Annual Meeting "From Hiring and Mentoring: Building and Online Teaching and Learning Community to Foster Academic Quality
    ATL. November 2015
  • "Concurrent Session, Southern Regional Faculty and Instructional Development Consortium"Reflective practice: From faculty development to enrichment
    Auburn, AL. March 2011
  • "Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Annual Meeting "Enhancing student learning by connecting faculty and student
    Dallas, TX . December 2012
  • "Concurrent Session, Teaching Academic Survival Skills"Lost art of reflection: Fostering student meta-cognition (mindfulness)
    Fort Lauderdale, FL. March 2011
  • "Florida Association of Post-Secondary Schools"Instructional methods and critical thinking: Helping
    . January 2009
  • "Concurrent Session, Accrediting Commission on Career Schools and Colleges"Why focus on student preparation and faculty support
    Philadelphia, PA. September 2010
  • ""Operant conditioning: Why is it important for social action?
    Ft. Myers, FL . September 2008
  • "Florida Philosophical Association’s Symposium on Teaching Philosophical Readiness"Reflective practice and teaching philosophy
    Fort Lauderdale, FL. November 2011
  • "Southern Regional Faculty and Instruction Development Consortium"New Directions in Faculty Development: Core Reflection.
    Greenville, SC . March 2012
  • "Association for Behavior Analysis"A Skinnerian solution
    Atlanta, GA. May 2006
  • "Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools"A teaching and learning initiative for first-time faculty
    San Antonio, TX. December 2008

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Faculty Chair

Melissa McIntyre PHD, MA, MAED, BS

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