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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counseling

Dale Wayman


  • MS in Clin Mental Hlth Counsel - General Clin Mental Hlth Coun
  • MS in Mental Health Counseling - General Mental Health Coun
  • MS in School Counseling - General School Counseling
  • PhD in Adv Stud in Hum Behav - Gen Adv Studies Human Behavior
  • PhD in Counselor Ed and Superv - Gen Cnslr Ed and Supervision


  • Master of Science
    Western Washington University, 1988
    Major: Clinical & Counseling Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science
    Southern Nazarene University, 1984
    Major: General Psychology and Spanish

Licensure & Certificates

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor


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