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Harold Abel School of Psychology Department of Psychology

Elizabeth Riley


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Southern Methodist University, 2001
    Major: Psychology
  • Master of Arts
    Southern Methodist University, 1999
    Major: Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Chapman University, 1994
    Major: Psychology


  • "Reducing the Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment: Comparison of Psychological Interventions"Southern Methodist University Master's Thesis Repository 1998


  • "Capella University Psychology Virtual Research Conference"The Future of Psychology
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2017
  • "Capella University Psychology Virtual Research Conference"Big Data & Psychology
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2018
  • "Capella University Doctoral Residency"Colloquia Milestone Achievement Program Training
    Dallas, TX. December 2014
  • "Capella University Academic Leadership Conference"Leaders as Navigators
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2013
  • "Capella University Academic Leadership Conference"Doctoral Mentoring Best Practices
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2015
  • "Stanbridge University Academic Leadership Conference"Faculty Training, Performance, and Management
    Irvine, CA. December 2016
  • "Research Symposium"Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
    Irvine, CA. December 2016
  • "Southwestern Psychological Association Conference"Reducing the Side Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment: Comparison of Psychological Interventions
    Dallas, TX. December 1999
  • "Capella University Academic Leadership Conference"Compassionate Leadership Through Change
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2018
  • "Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Nurse Research Committee Meeting"Reducing Treatment Related Anxiety in Breast Cancer Patients
    Dallas, TX. December 2000
  • "Capella University Academic Leadership Conference"Strategic Growth in Online Education
    Minneapolis, MN. February 2015
  • "Capella University Academic Leadership Conference"Social Media Best Practices
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2017
  • "Southwestern Psychological Association Conference"Reducing the SIde Effects of Breast Cancer Treatment: Comparison of Behavioral Interventions
    Albuquerque, NM. December 1998
  • "Capella University Psychology Club Meeting"Psychology and Breast Cancer
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2011