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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counseling

Frances Mills


  • MS in Human Services - Gerontology
  • PhD in Human Services - Multidisciplinary Human Serv
  • PhD in Human Services - Non-Profit Mgt and Leadership
  • PhD in Human Services - Social and Community Services


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    University of South Carolina, 2007
    Major: Social Work
  • Master of Social Work
    University of South Carolina, 2003
    Major: Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Limestone College, 2001
    Major: Social Work


  • "Theological Orientation of Religious Congregations as a Determinant of Social Service Provision to Older Adults" 0001
  • "Reviewer's Choice: Motivation & Commitment to Volunteering in a Sample of Argentinian Adults: What is the Role of Generativity?"Educational Gerontology 2014
  • "Extent of Involvement and Interest of Religious Organizations in Social Service Provision" 0001
  • "Caregiver's Spirituality and its Influence on Maintaining the Elderly and Disabled in a Home Environment" 0001
  • "Caregiver’s spirituality and its influence on maintaining the elderly and disabled in a home environment"Journal of Gerontological Social Work 2007


  • "15th International Consortium for Social Development"Caregiver’s spirituality and its influence on policy
    Hong Kong, China. December 2006
  • "60th Annual Scientific Meeting"Do spiritual beliefs and practices impact decision-making for caregivers
    San Francisco, CA. December 2006
  • "The Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors Meeting"Spiritual utility: multi and inclusive perspectives of risk and resilience
    Phoenix, AZ. December 2008
  • "Summer Institute of Gerontology"Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders: What Professionals Need to Know
    Myrtle Beach, SC. December 2004
  • "South Carolina Department of Social Services Workshop"Behavior management with adults in casework and consulting
    Columbia, SC. December 2005
  • ""Older adults as caregivers
    Columbia, SC. December 2003
  • ""Caregiving issues of older adults
    Columbia, SC. December 2003
  • "61st Annual Scientific Meeting"Theological Orientation of Religious Congregations and Service Provision to Older Adults
    Washington, DC. December 2007
  • "33rd Congress: International Association of Schools of Social Work"Challenges of older adults in Chile
    Santiago, Chile. December 2005

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