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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counselor Ed & Family Therapy

Joshua Stanley


  • Doctor of Education
    Argosy University, 2013
    Major: Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Master of Science
    Austin Peay State University, 2009
    Major: Guidance and Counseling
  • Bachelor of Science
    Austin Peay State University, 2006
    Major: Psychology

Licensure & Certificates

  • Licensed Professional School Service Personnel - School Counselor PreK-12 (TN)
  • National Certified Counselor
  • Certified Professional Educator - Educational Leadership (FL)
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor
  • School Counseling Leadership Specialist
  • Certified Professional Educator - Guidance & Counseling PreK-12 (FL)


  • " Child-Centered Group Play Therapy as a Social-Emotional Intervention for Elementary School Counselors"Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling 0001


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    Murfreesboro, TN. November 2013
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    Clarksville, TN. October 2010
  • "FSCA 2018 Annual Convention"Counseling interventions for identity, individuality, and inclusion with LGBTQ students.
    Orlando, FL. October 2018
  • "MTCA 2015 One-Day Conference"No one is alone: School counselors as allies for LGBT students.
    Murfreesboro, TN. April 2015
  • "KCA 2015 Annual Conference"Partners in Progess: Practical Approaches for Working with LGBT Adolescents and Families.
    Louisville, KY. November 2015
  • "2014 KSCA Annual Conference"Help! I have 10,000 students (not really, but it feels like it)
    Lexington, KY. March 2014
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conference"Transition begins in Kindergarten: Propelling students forward with college and career readiness initiatives.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "KSCA 2014 Annual Conference"Drive-by Counseling: Techniques, Strategies, and Suggestions for 15-Minute Sessions in Schools
    Lexington, KY. March 2014
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conferenc"Drive-by counseling: Making the most of 15-minute sessions in schools.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "Montgomery County School Counselor Professional Development"The school counselor as leader
    Clarksville, TN. October 2010
  • "KCA 2015 Annual Conference"Practical Partnerships for challenging Childhood Behaviors: Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Home and School.
    Louisville, KY. November 2015
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conference"There is no crystal ball: behavior assessment and intervention made easy.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conference"Construction junction: Building a RAMPed up program.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "Middle Tennessee Regional School Counselor Meeting"Tennessee School Counseling Standards and Model of Practice: Preview and Work Session
    Nashville, TN. April 2016
  • "Montgomery County School Counselor Professional Development"Delivery of school counseling services in the TEAM evaluation system
    Clarksville, TN. October 2011
  • "TCA 59th Annual Conference"Tech Talk: Using Tech Tools to Easily and Efficiently Collect Data for Accountability and Advocacy in School Counseling
    Murfreesboro, TN. November 2016
  • "Engaging the Student Culture: A Supervision Workshop"Mobilizing counseling students for Nashville's Kurdish community: supervision opportunities
    Nashville, TN. March 2012
  • "MTCA Quarterly Meeting"A "how to" for working inter-professionality during times of crisis
    Nashville, TN. September 2013
  • "FSCA 2019 Convention"High Impact Counseling Strategies for Brief Sessions in Schools
    Orlando, FL. November 2019
  • "KCA 2015 Annual Conference"Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Teens: Recognizing, Preventing, and Intervening.
    Louisville, KY. November 2015
  • "FSCA 2017 Convention"Caseload Overload! Using A Multi-Tiered Approach in School Counseling to Serve All Students
    Orlando, FL. November 2017
  • "MTCA 2nd Annual One-Day Conference"Contemporary Ethical and Legal Issues in the Practice of Counseling
    Nashville, TN. February 2016
  • "KCA 2015 Annual Conference"Make It Count: Solution-Focused Brief Counseling Interventions for Youth.
    Louisville, KY. November 2015
  • "Montgomery County School Counselor Professional Development"Implementing the Tennessee Model for Comprehensive School Counseling at the elementary level
    Clarksville, TN. November 2010
  • "CMCSS Elementary School Counselor Collaboration"Make It Count: Solution-Focused, Brief Interventions for Elementary Students
    Clarksville, TN. February 2016
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conference"Building the KSI pyramid: Understanding the school counselor’s role in tiered intervention.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "TCA Annual Conference"Counselor Educator Forum: Trends, Issues, and Best Practices in Counselor Preparation
    Nashville, TN. November 2017
  • "KSCA 2013 Annual Conference"Breaking the mold: School counseling in non-traditional settings
    Lexington, KY. March 2013
  • "KSCA 2015 Annual Conference"I’m coming out: Helping students, parents, and teachers with LGBTQI issues.
    Lexington, KY. February 2015
  • "KSCA 2014 Annual Conference"Stages in Pages: Using Book Study Groups to Support Parents and Foster Parent Engagement
    Lexington, KY. March 2014
  • "KSCA 2014 Annual Conference"Raising the i-Generation from a Pen-and-Paper Perspective: Supporting Grandparents as Primary Caretakers
    Lexington, KY. March 2014
  • "2014 KSCA Annual Conference"The Darkest Day: Preparing for Large-Scale Crisis
    Lexington, KY. March 2014
  • "TCA 2017"Pay It Forward
    Nashville, TN. October 2017