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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counselor Ed & Family Therapy

Leslie Guditis

Core Faculty


  • MS in Marriage Fam Coun Ther - Gen Marriage Family Coun Ther


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Texas Woman's University, 2009
    Major: Family Therapy
  • Master of Science
    Texas Woman's University, 2004
    Major: Family Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Admin
    University of Houston Clear Lake, 1984
    Major: Management

Licensure & Certificates

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Supervisor


  • "ALGBTIC: Empowering through Unity"2016 ALGBTIC Conference : Empowering Through Unity 15 **C ONTENT S ESSIONS ** 3 :30 P. M . – 4:2 0 P . M . [E8] How 15 Nonaffirming Christian Clinicians Became LGBT - Affirming: RETAMA A Grounded Theory Gena Marie Minnix & Steven P. Farmer This 50 - minute session will provide participants with findings from a recent grounded theory study of how 15 heterosexual Christian mental health professionals once conflicted about LGBT affirmation became LGBT - affirming. A brief presenta tion with PowerPoint slides and participant stories, audience discussion, and a best practices handout will help equip participants to apply the findings of this study to their daily work with students, supervisees, colleagues, and peers. [E9] When a Tran sgender Loved One Transitions: Our Work with Family, CEDAR Significant Others, and Friends
    San Antonion, TX. September 2016
  • "XXIV World Family Therapy Congress Interpersonal Interactions and Therapeutic Change"Modern Medicine and the New Grief: Facilitating Conversations with Terminally Ill Clients and Their Families
    Honululu, HI. March 2016
  • "Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association Conference "Solution Focused Therapy with Transgender Adolescents
    Santa Fe, NM. November 2017
  • ""Workshop Presentation
    San Antonio, Texas. February 2012
  • "Greenbelt Counseling Association Annual Conference"Empowering Transgender and Gender Expansive Clients
    Wichita Falls, TX. October 2019
  • "Cultural Connections Conference "When a Transsexual Family Member Transitions: A Qualitative Exploration of the Family’s Experience
    Denton, TX. March 2010
  • "Texas Counseling Association Professional Growth Conference"I Can't Wrap My Head Around It!
    Ft. Worth, TX. November 2019
  • ""Workshop Presentation
    San Antonio, Texas. February 2012
  • "Texas Counseling Association Professional Development Conference"It's Not Just about the Bathrooms - Working with Transgender Teens in Public Schools
    Galveston, TX. November 2017
  • " IFTA 21st World Family Therapy Congress"Family Roles in the 21st Century: Promoting Egalitarian Relationships
    Orlando, FL. January 2013
  • "Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association Annual Conference"The Dance of the Crane: Creativity as a Therapeutic Process
    Boulder, CO. November 2018

Department Faculty

Faculty Chair

Carol Messmore PHD, MS, BA

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