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Harold Abel School of Psychology Department of Psychology

Linda Whinghter


  • PhD in Psychology - Industrial/Organization Psych


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Bowling Green State University, 2006
    Major: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Science
    Clemson University, 2003
    Major: Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Emory University, 2000
    Major: Psychology


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  • "The moderating role of goal orientation in the workload-frustration relationship."Journal of Occupational Health Psychology 2007
  • "Why measure job satisfaction?"Normative Express 2004


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  • "SIOP"Enhancing Training in Occupational Health Psychology: Views from the Trenches
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  • "SIOP"Work-family issues among petroleum refinery shiftworkers
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  • "Engage 2008"Employee Engagement in an Entertainment Business: If it’s not Fun, I’m not Doing it
    Chicago, IL. December 2007
  • "Work, Stress, and Health 2006: Making a Difference in the Workplace "Linking achievement goals to health outcomes: examining mediating psychological variables.
    Miami, FL. December 2005
  • "SIOP"Closing the gap between research discovery and service delivery
    New Orleans, LA. December 2008
  • "SIOP 2019"The struggle is real: What it really means to "have it all" in I/O Psychology
    Washington D.C. . December 2018
  • "SIOP"Mock Ethics Hearing: The Hand That Rocks the Licensing Law
    Chicago, IL. December 2003
  • "APA"Positive correlates of exercise in the workplace
    . July 2005
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  • "SIOP"Frustration in Graduate School: The Role of Goal Orientation.
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