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School of Nursing and Health Sciences Department of Nursing

Lisa Kreeger


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Antioch University Midwest, 2007
    Major: Leadership & Change
  • Master of Business Admin
    Seattle University, 2000
    Major: Management/Org Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Depaul University, 1981
    Major: Nursing

Licensure & Certificates

  • Basic Life Support
  • Registered Nurse License
  • Registered Nurse License


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  • "Unhelpful helpers: When scaffolding structures veil collaborative interactions"ACM Digital Library 2008
  • "Alliances: finding ways to leverage your collective capabilities"IBM Press 2005
  • "Attending to vulnerable populations through nurse advocacy on boards and in public service"Creative Nurse 2018
  • "Inside outsourcing: A grounded theory of relationship formation within a nascent service system"Dissertation Abstracts 2006


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  • "Faculty Virtual Conference 2019"The School of Nursing and Health Sciences Meets The New Faculty Feedback Tool
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  • "Virtual Faculty Conference"Setting the pace: Best practices for CBE
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