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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counselor Ed & Family Therapy

Rosanne Nunnery

Core Faculty


  • MS in Clin Mental Hlth Counsel - General Clin Mental Hlth Coun


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Mississippi State University, 2011
    Major: Counselor Education
  • Master of Science
    Mississippi State University, 2000
    Major: Counselor Education
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Millsaps College, 1997
    Major: Sociology

Licensure & Certificates

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Board Qualified Supervisor
  • Distance Credentialed Counselor
  • National Certified Counselor


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  • "Lemon, J., & Nunnery, R. (Fall 2016). Integrating Spirituality and Promoting Ego Transformation: A Transpersonal Psychology Approach to Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Values Formation. VISTAS. Alexandria, VA: Joncas & Porter Publication Services, LLC, Partner"VISTAS 2016
  • "Professional Reviewer, Wiley Publishing, Becoming an Ethical Helping Professional: Cultural and Philosophical Foundations, by Rita and John Sommers-Flanagan. " 0001
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  • "Program Evaluations in Peer Helping: Essential Steps" 2006
  • "Separate but Equal: Working well with others"Therapeutic Speak Easy 2019
  • "The ASERVIC Competencies and Ethics: Spiritual and Religious Assessment"Interaction ASERVIC Newsletter 2018


  • "26th Annual Care Lodge Conference on Interpersonal violence"Nurture versus nature: Exploring the contributing factors that can create and lead to victimization and learning strategies to heal!
    Meridian, MS. October 2020
  • ""Professional Presentations: What it takes to be effective and engaging
    Houston, TX. September 2008
  • ""Suicide: Prevention and Intervention
    Meridian, MS. March 2014
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    Tupelo, MS. November 2017
  • "Annual Conference on Domestic Violence"Professional Boundaries
    Meridian, MS. October 2010
  • "Youth Group"Relationships
    Meridian, MS. February 2013
  • "American Counseling Association"The Use of DBT Techniques Creatively in the treatment of Postpartum Depression.
    New Orleans, LA. March 2019
  • "Care Lodge Domestic Violence Shelter Annual Conference on Violence"Professional Ethics and Boundaries
    Meidian, Mississippi. October 2015
  • "American Counseling Association-Conference"American Counseling Assocation Code of Ethics: Informed Consent
    Orlando, Florida. March 2015
  • "EB-ACA"The use of DBT Techniques Creatively in the treatment of Postpartum Depression
    Vienna, Austria. September 2019
  • "Association for Spirituality, Ethics, Religion and Values in Counseling"Values and Boundaries: Accepting our limits and Widening our Understanding.
    Colorado Springs, CO. July 2019
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association Conference"Lemon, J. & Nunnery, R. (November 6, 2014). Promoting ego transformation & spirituality integration in the counseling process. Mississippi Counseling Association, Jackson, MS.
    Jackson, Mississippi. November 2014
  • ""Using Art Therapy with Children and Adolescents: Ideas and Interventions to Incorporate into Practice
    Philadelphia, MS. October 2007
  • ""Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Pathways to Healing: Networking Strategies of School and Community Counselors
    Philadelphia, MS. October 2007
  • "Youth Group"Self-Esteem
    Meridian, Mississippi. January 2013
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association"Nunnery, R., & Luke, T. (November 4, 2016; 3 hour session). Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Helping Clients Create a Life Worth Living. Mississippi Counseling Association, Biloxi, MS.
    Biloxi, Mississippi. November 2016
  • "Louisiana Counseling Association"Nunnery, R. (September 24, 2014). Complicated Grief Treatment. Louisiana Counseling Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.
    New Orleans, LA. September 2014
  • "American Counseling Association"Key Ethical Issues in Working with Spiritual and Religious Values in Counseling
    New Orleans, LA. March 2019
  • "Department of Counseling/Human Behavior/Human Services Reserach Symposium: Honoring Faculty and Research Scholarship"Can we all be equal? A treatment team model that appeals to all stakeholders: A validating and accountable team based upon DBT principles.
    Virtual via Adobe connect. November 2017
  • "Delta State University Spring Conference 2009"Responding to Trauma: Recovery and Resilience
    Cleveland, MS. March 2009
  • "Association of Spirituality, Ethics, Religion and Values in Counseling (ASERVIC)"Values and Beliefs: Promoting Resilience within individuals with disabilities.
    Dallas, Texas. July 2018
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association"Promoting Resilience within individuals with Disabilities.
    Tupelo, MS. November 2017
  • "American Mental Health Counselors Association Conference"Mental Health Counseling for Children (birth-5) Fundamentals of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
    New Orleans, LA. June 2007
  • ""LPC Requirements for Admission into a CACREP Program
    Meridian, MS. February 2014
  • "Association for Spiritual, Ethical & Religious Values in Counseling" Promoting ego transformation & spirituality integration in the counseling process.
    New York, New York. July 2015
  • "American Counseling Association"Complicated Grief Treatment
    Montreal, Quebec. March 2016
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association Conference"Telemental Health: Adjusting to a distant practice in the digital age.
    Virtual. November 2020
  • "CMRC Mental Health Initiative"Understanding Self-Injury
    Self-Injury. October 2012
  • "ACA Annual Conference"Fostering a Sense of Community: Managing a CSI Chapter in the Online Environment
    New Orleans, LA. March 2019
  • ""Counseling Children and Adolescents in the Twenty-First Century
    Jackson, MS. October 2009
  • ""Mental Health and the Emergency Room
    Jackson, MS. September 2007
  • "MLPCA Annual Conference"Can we all be equal? A treatment team model that appeals to all stakeholders: A validating and accountable team based upon DBT principles.
    Mississippi College. May 2017
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association"Mental Health and School Counseling Advocacy: A Therapeutic View of Sexual abuse
    Biloxi, Mississippi. November 2015
  • ""Child Abuse and Domestic Violence: MS Laws and Stats
    Whitfield, MS. March 2006
  • ""Human Rights: Increasing Awareness
    Tunica, MS.. October 2008
  • "Woodall Spring Conference"Promoting ego transformation & spirituality integration in the counseling process.
    Cleveland, MS. April 2015
  • "Mississippi Counseling Association"The use of DBT to heal from maternal narcissism!
    Biloxi, MS. November 2019

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