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School of Business and Technology Department of Business

Shelley Robbins


  • MS in Human Resource Mgmt - General Human Resource Mgmt
  • MS in Leadership - General Leadership


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Northwestern University, 1989
    Major: Organizational Behavior
  • Master of Business Admin
    University of Chicago, 1977
    Major: Behavioral Science
  • Bachelor of Science
    University of Illinois, 1974
    Major: Psychology

Licensure & Certificates

  • Coach Approach to Leadership Series


  • "The Evolution of eLearning Solutions: The Emergence of the Learning Content Management System"ASTD Learning CIrcuits 2000
  • "Strategy Making in Health Care Organizations: A Framework and Agenda for Research"Medical Care Review 0001
  • "Meeting the Challenge of Assurance of Learning: Perspectives from Four Business Schools" 2013
  • "Factors Driving Strategic Change After Deregulation: The U.S. Airline Industry."Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Western Regional Decision Sciences Institute Meetings 1991 1990
  • "The Role of the CEO and Top Management in the Creation and Implementation of Strategic Vision. "JAI Press 1987


  • "Webinar"Big Wins and Potential Perils of Data-Driven HRM
    . July 2014
  • "Sustainability in Business: Vision, Practice, and Education Conference at Argosy University—Twin Cities"Leadership Development and Education for Sustainability
    Minneapolis. December 2009
  • ""Meeting the Challenge of Assurance of Learning: Perspectives from Four Business Schools
    . December 2011
  • "TCHRA Annual Conference"Create High Quality Connections at Work  & Increase Your Leadership Impact
    Minneapolis, MN. May 2016
  • "International Leadership Association International Annual Meeting"Nonpositional Leadership
    . August 2010
  • "International Leadership Association Annual Meeting"Turning Up the Volume: Increasing the Impact of the Voices of Women Leaders
    Vancouver, BC. September 2007
  • "HRMAC Summit 2019"The Importance of Innovation and Purpose: How Capella University Harnesses Research and Innovation to Develop Impactful Leaders
    Chicago, IL. November 2019
  • "ASTD Twin Cities, e-Learning SIG"Engaging Learners with Technology
    . August 2009
  • "ACBSP Regions: Great Lakes Council - Region 4"Teaching Leadership Online: Preparing Leaders for the Future
    Minneapolis. October 2017
  • "C. Charles Jackson Foundation Leadership Conference"Supporting Leadership Development with TechnologyPast, Present, and Future
    Sr. Paul, MN. August 2017
  • "ACBSP Great Lakes Council 2017 Region 4 conference"Teaching Leadership in an Online Program: Developing Business Leaders for the Future
    Minneapolis, MN. October 2017
  • " The Leaders Collaborative October 2015"Collaborative Leadership-- Creating High Quality Connections
    Minneapolis, MN. September 2015
  • ""Virtually Not Forgotten: Effective Engagement Strategies for Remote Employee
    Webinar. June 2015
  • "Minnesota ACE Network Conference"Advice for Starting Your Doctoral Program
    . December 2008
  • "MBA Roundtable 2012 Curricular Innovation Symposium"Developing Leaders Through Curricular Integration
    . October 2011

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