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Garth Kemerling


  • BS in Psychology FP - General Psychology FP


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    University of Iowa, 1974
    Major: Philosophy
  • Master of Arts
    University of Iowa, 1972
    Major: Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Milligan College, 1969
    Major: Philosophy/History


  • "Philosophy and Footlights"University Press of America 1997
  • "Review of Olshewsky, Foundations of Moral Decisions"Teaching Philosophy 1984
  • "Locke on the Essence of the Soul"The Southern Journal of Philosophy 1978
  • "Review of Hall & Woolhouse, Eighty Years of Locke Scholarship"Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography 1984
  • "Review of Lacey, "Modern Philosophy""Teaching Philosophy 1982
  • "Review of Lispector, The Foreign Legion"Studies in Short Fiction 1991
  • "Review of Sagal, "Mind, Man, and Machine""Teaching Philosophy 1982
  • "Philosophy and Footlights"Teaching Philosophy 1979
  • "Review of Baird, The Philosophical Life"Teaching Philosophy 1983


  • "annual meeting"Philosophy and Footlights
    Greenville, SC. December 1978
  • "annual meeting"Developing Hypertext Materials for Philosophy Teaching
    Mansfield, PA. December 1997
  • "annual meeting"Locke, Dualism, and the Ontological Argument
    Columbia, SC. December 1975
  • "NUTN annual meeting"Panel on Competency-Based Education
    Clearwater Beach, FL. September 2016
  • "Capella University Faculty Virtual Conference"The Development and Management of Potentially Emotionally Charged Discussions within the Courseroom
    Minneapolis, MN.. November 2016
  • "Capella Ignites Innovation"Leadership Profile in PSL Trunk courses
    Capella Tower. November 2016
  • "annual meeting"Locke's Forensic Person
    Chicago, IL. December 1980
  • "All-Faculty Virtual Conference"Presence for the Absent-Minded
    on-line. November 2017
  • "annual meeting"Character Development in the College Years
    Seattle, WA. December 1987
  • "annual meeting"Online Philosophy Teaching
    New York, NY. December 1999
  • "annual meeting"Locke, Morality, and Personal Identity
    Charleston, SC. December 1990
  • "XXth World Congress of Philosophy"Teaching Philosophy on the Internet
    Boston, MA. December 1997
  • "All-Faculty Virtual Conference"Presence for the Absent-Minded
    on-line. December 2017
  • "Alliance 2020 Distance Education Conference"Teaching Undergraduate Courses on the Web
    Myrtle Beach, SC. December 1997

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