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School of Counseling and Human Services Department of Counseling

Lee Shilts


  • Graduate Cert in Counseling - Contmp Thry Couple Family Sys
  • MS in Marriage Fam Coun Ther - Gen Marriage Family Coun Ther


  • Doctor of Philosophy
    Virginia Polytech Institute And State University, 1988
    Major: Family & Child Development
  • Master of Science in Education
    University of Wisconsin-Stout, 1976
    Major: School Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science
    University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, 1974
    Major: Psychology

Licensure & Certificates

  • Approved Supervisor Therapist
  • Clinical Member Licensed Marriage and Family


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  • "Solution-focused brief therapy"Routledge Press 2011
  • "Making classrooms more solution-focused for teachers and students: WoWW teacher coaching interventions"Oxford University Press. 2010
  • "The WoWW Program and the Chicago WoWW story"Brooks/Cole 2011
  • "Becoming Solution-Focused: Some beginning thoughts. "The Haworth Press: New York and the Journal of Family Psychotherapy 0001
  • "Return to sender: Letter writing to bring hope to"Journal of Systemic Therapies 2007


  • "2013 conference on solution focused practices"The WoWW Approach: Building solutions with teachers and students
    Tokyo, Japan . September 2013
  • "American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy"WoWW work in the classroom
    Austin, TX.. September 2015
  • "Annual Conference on Brief Solution Focused Practices"The inflluence of Brief Solution Focused ideas when engaging families with infants and yound children in family therapy.
    Minneapolis, MN.. December 0001
  • "AAMFT"Woww in the Schools
    Indianapolis, IN.. September 2016
  • "2007 Conference on Solution Focused Practices"Classroom Solutions: WOWW Approach ¿ Current Trends and Research
    Toronto, Canada. October 2007
  • "2012 Conference on Solution Focused Practices"The influence of Brief Solution Focused ideas when engaging families with infants and young children in family therapy
    Minneapolis, MN. December 2011
  • "Solution Focused Brief Therapy Association Conference "Solution Focused Therapy with Transgender Adolescents
    Santa Fe, NM. November 2017
  • "64th AAMFT Annual Conference"Working on What Works: Solutions in the Classroom
    . December 2005
  • "Solution-focused Expo"Classroom solutions using the WoWW Approach
    Orlando, Fl. . January 2014
  • "International Conference on Building Solutions with Children, Youth, and Family"The WOWW Program: Current Trends and an Update
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands. April 2007
  • "10th Annual School Social Work Conference"Classroom Solutions: WOWW Coaching
    Orlando, FL. March 2007
  • "nternational solution-focused trainer¿s conference"Implementing WOWW programs in different educational settings
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands. February 2006
  • "2006 Conference on Solution Focused Practices"On Becoming a Solution-Focused Coach in the Classroom
    Denver, CO. December 2005

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