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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Department of Psychology

Mark McCaslin


  • Master of Arts
    Sofia University, 2004
    Major: Transpersonal Studies
  • Master of Science
    University of Wyoming, 1989
    Major: Vocational Education
  • Bachelor of Science
    University of Wyoming, 1983
    Major: Animal Science

Licensure & Certificates

  • Leadership Practices Inventory; A Self-Assessment and Analysis
  • Personality Temperament Indicators
  • FIRO-B; Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior
  • Education Certification
  • The Duluth Model Facilitator Training; Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


  • "Pragmatism"Sage Publications 2007
  • "The human art of leading: A foreshadow to the potentiating movement of leadership studies"Integral Leadership Review 2010
  • "Engaging the Potentiating Arts" 2010
  • "Postrepresentation"Sage Publications 2007
  • "The Nature of Transpersonal Leadership: Building Potentiating Relationships"Integral Leadership Review 2008
  • "An Intr An Introduction t oduction to Transformativ ansformative Inquir e Inquiry: Understanding y: Understanding Compelling and Significant Relationships for Personal and Societal Transformation "The Qualitative Report 2019
  • "Searching for Leadership at the Edge of Potential"Journal for Leadership Studies, 9: 81–82. doi:10.1002/jls.21415 2015


  • "ITP Summer Seminar"The Journey: A Reunion of Heart and Mind
    . December 2007
  • "ITP Summer Seminar"Leadership and Non-Violent Communication
    . December 2008
  • ""Ethical Individualism: A Deeper Look at Personality Type and Temperament
    Columbine, CO. December 2007
  • ""An Introduction to Transpersonal Leadership
    San Francisco, CA. December 2007
  • "Idaho Life Long Learning Annual Conference"The Journey – Metaphors of Transformation
    Sun Valley, Idaho. December 2005
  • "ITP Board of Trustees Salon"Cultivating the Potentiating Arts
    . December 2009
  • ""The Potentiating Arts
    Idaho Falls, ID. December 2005
  • "International Leadership Association"Practicing Healthy Leadership
    Ottawa. September 2019
  • ""Transformative Inquiry
    Sun Valley ID. December 2005
  • "ITP Summer Seminar"Along the Upward Way
    Los Gatos, CA. December 2006
  • "ITP Board of Trustees Salon"The Evolving Nature of Leadership Studies
    . December 2008

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Faculty Chair

Marcia Moody PHD, MED, BA

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