Tuition Assistance Aligned Pricing

A unique employee benefit

Maximize the potential of your workforce and help increase your retention of a highly skilled workforce.

Maximize Your Investment

With Capella’s Tuition Assistance Aligned Pricing (TAAP), you’ll provide an exclusive benefit that can expand your team’s competencies with the possibility of little to no out-of-pocket tuition cost for them*. At Capella, we align our tuition prices on select degree programs to the tuition assistance dollars you already provide.

Mutually Beneficial

This exclusive benefit leverages the funds you already have allocated for tuition assistance to remove financial barriers for employees who want to earn a degree.

Designed to Remove Financial Barriers

Billing payment deadlines are rescheduled so eligible employees can delay paying tuition until assistance reimbursements are received.

The Results

Through TAAP, you can map essential skills needed at your organization to your employees’ coursework, all tracked through transparent reporting.

*Non-tuition costs and fees may not be covered.

How it Works

TAAP has two main components:
Significantly discounted degree programs and rescheduled billing deadlines.

Special Pricing

A TAAP agreement with Capella allows us to significantly discount select degree programs to align to the amount of tuition assistance funds you provide to your employees.

Rescheduled Billing Deadlines

We reschedule our billing payment deadlines for each quarter as eligible employees complete their studies. This way they can delay paying tuition until assistance reimbursements are received.

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