Mindful Research

Researching to join the scholarly conversation
Icon of an open bookclick to view the Keep the Conversation Flowing InteractiveScholarly research is about building on the ideas and research of others and integrating these ideas with your own. Research builds upon itself.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information that is available. But you do not need to start from scratch when you are doing research. Your syllabus, textbook, course readings, and assignments provide a valuable starting point.

  • What articles and books are cited in your textbook or course readings?
  • What authors are cited in your textbook or course readings? Are there authors your instructor specifically mentions? What else has that author written?
  • What theories are mentioned in your textbook or course readings?
Making the most of your syllabus:
There are many clues in the syllabus to help you plan your research throughout a course.
  • How much reading and writing does the course require?
  • When are major research assignments due?
  • What percentage of your grade are each assignment? Where should you spend most of your time?

The clues you can gather from your courseroom will serve as a framework for the scholarly research you will need to do. This framework, and the scholarly research you do, will allow you to join the scholarly conversation.

As you join the scholarly conversation you have a responsibility to do so ethically. Learn more about Intellectual Property and Copyright. (PDF)


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